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The Power of EPCm

Conventional EPCM services involves contracts from engineering, procurement, construction management offers standard services among several industries such as mining, petrochemical and powered plant industries.

SultanRM has arrived to expand and develop the current contracting strategies and advance into multi discipline fields, primarily the government and public sector.

Our services cover the full asset spectrum both in size and lifecycle, from the creation of new assets to services that sustain and enhance operating assets within the government hierarchy.

Due to the economic status in nations which gives a profounding outcome, conventional contractors do not worry when placing a bid with a fixed income since no worry on contract halts or any other condition. These changes are partly driven by the contractor’s situation of a sophisticated risk analysis. Several factors have been influencing their contractors on the application of contracts which include;

  • Increasing demand for engineers and contractors in the engineering sectors and other global construction.
  • Size of the mega projects they are involved in.
  • Few contractors who have a profounding experience who are all in-demand to participate and deliver in the mega projects.
  • Shortage of labour and resources. At the same time, they are looking for experienced contractors few who are available, which results in the fluctuation of their bid prices.

As contractors, we all face several challenges in delivering quality and timely project with an effective immediate.

Reasons why companies should choose EPCM

During project delivery, all organizations have a fixed timed and cost arrangements.

Working with the EPCm ensures that the projects assignments and projects are delivered with a limited and non-resourcing financial basis. This is because other forces of demand and supply have significantly impacted the risk allocation of EPC contracts. 

With an EPC contractor, the client can interact with the overall project contractor (SultanRM), who in return, takes charge of the entire project and weighs our relationship with other subcontractors.

Based on the performance of the task, which is all managed by SultanRM, the client can easily oversee. SultanRM will manage a team of sub-contractors, to allow the client to easily monitor our performance. SultanRM shall ensure we deliver timely and effectively work scopes.

As compared to other contracts, SultanRM functions are more flexible in terms of work order, supply and contracts. We ensure that the work allocated is delivered within a given measure of time to avoid inconveniences.

An organization which are looking to have timely projects, with little supervision should contact us and explore the Power of SultanRM.

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