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Creativity and Innovation for Success – SultanRM

It is important to nurture the creative minds of team members in our organizations. When we nurture the traits of creativity and innovation, these become skills that are crucial to the growth of our business and projects. Creativity is a useful skill when we are faced with a problem and unsure of how to go about it. Innovation comes into play when we need to come up with a new system or idea. The two go hand-in-hand, and one cannot exist successfully in an organization without the other. Creativity feeds innovation and innovation needs creativity to come to fruition. 


Running an organization or team that fosters creativity and innovation will give your company an edge above those that do not. Innovation and creativity are two parts of success and have been shown to increase productivity and profits. Innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas. There are a lot of unforeseen changes in project management.  

When we fail to think outside of the box, a project or organization will run the risk of becoming ineffective or altogether stagnant. Being able to overcome problems in new ways and stay nimble with the changing world will give your organization the edge needed to thrive. Harvard Business Review reported, “what used to be an intellectual interest for some thoughtful executives has now become an urgent concern for many. The shift to a more innovation-driven economy has been abrupt” 

When it comes to project management, organizations need to remain innovative and creative because they are going up against “a highly competitive, global environment, making creativity crucial.” Organizations that are creative and innovative do so by rewarding creativity and hiring the best people with diverse skillset. Creative people do well in leadership roles for they can be more dynamic in their approaches to problems that may arise. 

Target is an excellent example of an established company that stays relevant and competitive through new ideas. Target announced plans for new store layouts where shoppers will be able to choose from “one of two store entrances. The first will lead customers to a grab-and-go food and wine and beer shop, featuring self-checkout lanes and the option to pick up any online orders. The second entrance will bring customers to the store’s other beauty, fashion, home, and electronic displays.”


SultanRM offers consulting with innovative solutions and cutting edge technology. We work with you to improve your systems and get projects delivered with a creative and fresh take. Your business will be much more successful when you hire people with an innovative approach. If you do not currently have that in your organization, that’s where we come in. Reach out to one of our professionals today to hear more about how we can help.  

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