Are you a project manager or part of a project management team? Perhaps you are a client who deals with several project management teams regularly. 

If yes, you must know how difficult it can be. making plans, handling big teams, looking after different activities, keeping records etc.

These processes require a lot of strength and energy. In addition to that, we have made project management more complicated with certain myths and misunderstandings. Trust me, eliminating these m&ms can make a project comparatively efficient and productive.

Help yourself with these myth-busting tips:

1. Project management―Past and Present

In the past, project management was completely different. It majorly depended on human power then, but now it involves technology as well. The advancement of technology with the human touch has certainly made it more convenient and quick; however, balancing the usage of both is a task. The new era demands new skills. We need to be more adaptive to get the most out of technology and talent.

An experienced and skilled worker can succeed with the simplest tools; on the other hand, a naive person may fail even with the best possible technology. Therefore, failing to manage either of these can tremendously impact the progress of a project.

2. Process and people

A skilled sailor can cross the river with a broken ship; however, an unskilled sailor would not make it to the other side with a brand new ship. Similarly, focussing solely on the process will not cultivate results.

Undoubtedly, the process is crucial, but what is the use of it if there is no capable team to work on it. Different individuals carry unique talents and skills to drive a process successfully. So put equal efforts into hiring a competent team along with a top-notch process.

3. The client can never be wrong

Customer satisfaction is the key to being successful in any field. It’s a key aspect for the success of any business. But, wouldn’t you agree that customers can not always be right. In project management, the client is mostly confused or overwhelmed with miscellaneous information. 

In this situation, the resolution is to win them, not defeat them. How? By conducting thorough research and providing convincing facts and figures. Win them with your knowledge, and you are done.

4. Certification means authenticity

As an entrepreneur, you may be intimidated by the thought of not being certified before starting the project management business. Certification can surely add a feather to your portfolio, but a certificate is nothing without skill and experience. 

As you grow in your business, your experience will come in handy to acquire a certificate. All you need to do is start your business on the right note with a strong team.

5. Talk less – Work more

Well, isn’t it obvious? Do you think if we keep making plans and conducting meetings, we would be able to accomplish anything? That being said, it doesn’t mean meetings are a waste of time.

Brief meetings with a purpose to make concrete plans, distribution of tasks, and sometimes progress analysis, are imperative. They can help understand the current status of the project and future responsibilities and actions. 

These are not the only myths associated with project management but are the ones widely held. We expect you to reanalyze your approach towards project management and try to get optimum results using these tips. 

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