Our Services

Our unique range of in-house tools and our superior delivery model ensures focus on the clients KEY policies to get projects right from the start!


SultanRM core business specializes in service delivery, including outsourcing, mixed economy sourcing and contracting. Delivering outstanding services is a critical function of SultanRM.


Adopting innovative solutions and emerging technologies enables SultanRM to improve our ways of working and achieve better service project outcomes. Our aim is to drive innovation in delivering public services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of every project.

Our Services

SultanRM is a small to medium Enterprise (SME) which provides comprehensive top tier service management on various projects on behalf of the end client.

We offer project management consultancy (PMO) that is flexible enough to accommodate small-scale through to multi-million pound projects. Because of our extensive experience in managing projects, we know contractors and their capabilities all across the UK. This puts us in the best position to pull together the different strands of your project.


Our aim is to establish a unified approach to build consensus on our clients ongoing and future projects. Adopting our methodology and systematic approach on project management allows a reduction in client management involvement while providing a comprehensive start to finish solution for all client contracts. SultanRM implements a uniform system across all projects for ease of client progress monitoring and forecast projections.


Our core business is to ensure that the engineering and design of any project follows the clients technical and functional specifications. Our project management teams are created from a pool of capable and experienced people located all around the UK. We support them with a world-class suite of tools, processes and project management systems to ensure services are delivered consistently and in accordance with best practices.


Our vision is to forge a winning culture which will unlock potential and inspire performance to create outstanding value for our customers and stakeholders. We believe a successful business is the one which unlocks potential in its people and thereby enabling them to create solutions which adds value to our customers.

Working together, to create something unique.